The incidence of violence and aggression is unacceptably high in the United States and the problem is increasing. Some individuals feel that violence and anger “cannot or should not be controlled.” The MAN Program is geared towards promoting individual and psychological growth of individuals who batter.


The Men Advocating Non-Violence (MAN) Program functions with the premise that anger and violence can be controlled. Among other factors, the program emphasizes personal “RESPONSIBILITY” and “ACCOUNTABILITY” for one’s behavior. MAN FVIP’s priority is to promote victim safety and to safeguard the victim from further abuse from the offender. Our MAN Program focuses upon: 

  • Power and control transformed into equality
  • Transforming attitudes and feelings regarding violence and battering
  • Learning to recognize different types of abuse and refrain from its usage
  • Self-awareness training: recognizing signs of becoming angry
  • Controlling arousal/moods
  • Social Skills and Conflict Resolution training
  • Assertiveness training
  • Effective communication skills
  • Stress Management